Raquel Williams

Raquel began her dance journey at the young age of 3.  Her participation in shows and competitions within ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics and hip hop continued through her youth. In 2000, she stumbled upon a ballroom dance studio and never looked back.

 In the first years of her dance career, she trained extensively in International Latin.  With a few competitions under her belt, she began discovering other types of dance styles.  Her spectrum of dance increased to include west coast swing, standard/smooth dances, hustle and the country western circuit.  She participated on the Dances with Wolves team with NC State for a brief time but quickly decided to start competing on the west coast swing, hustle and country western circuits.

 After dancing and competing for 6 years, she began her teaching journey. Studying syllabus manuals, private lesson sessions and social dancing were her means of dance education. She believed in accomplishing her education and teaching goals through studying, dancing and advice from her private lesson instructors. Additionally, competitions were a great resource for dance growth as she had access to nationally ranked instructors.

Her teaching career started by teaching in local clubhouses, personal homes, different dance studio room rentals and special on location events. She was very successful and started forming a wonderful student base. The goal was to have her own dance location in future, but with the goal she was very focused on having enough capital to comfortably sustain and afford her own dance studio.

Finally, in 2010, she opened her own business, DPM Studios, in downtown Clayton with a studio size of 2400 square feet. Clayton, only 20 minute from downtown Raleigh, was an upcoming community who needed a different type of business.  Within the business, she began offering group classes and private lessons in all styles of partner dancing. Her student body participates in many local shows, national competitions, and assists with corporate events involving dance entertainers. Also, there is a competition team in which student competed on the UCWDC, IHDA and NASDE circuits.

DPM Studios, also known as Dance-Performance & Modeling, is run differently than any other ballroom studio. With no contract commitments and high pressure sales tactics, she believes the stress of contacts and sales eventually annoys the customer.  She feels if you value and respect your instructor, you will continue to return.. this is exactly what she did when she was growing as a dancer.

Additionally, DPM Studios is an avenue for all around performers. She offers modeling classes and semi- annual fashion shows for charity. Being an all- around choreographer, she helps with weddings, fashion shows, burlesque dancers, Zumba instructors, pageants, music videos and kids dance groups. She even has assisted with some local and national singers with stage presence and choreography.