Swing Trilogy 2014

Strictly Swing Division
Ian O'Gorman & Summer Hawks (Charlottesville) - 1st Place Novice
Michael Linger & Danielle Cooper - 5th Place Novice
Raquel Williams & Audrey Yosai- 5th Place Intermediate
Chuck Williams & Rebecca Linger- 6th Place Intermediate
Romero Royster (DC) & Raquel Williams- 4th Place Advanced

Pro Am Division
Linda Nielsen
- 4th place GOLD sophisticated with Dean Garrish
Teresa Smith- 3rd place GOLD w/honors newcomer with Raquel Williams
Nicole Kuhn- SILVER newcomer with Dean Garrish
Linda Nielsen- GOLD newcomer with Raquel Williams
Michael Linger- SILVER follower newcomer with Raquel Williams
Rebecca Linger- GOLD novice with Dean Garrish
Michael Linger- 3rd place GOLD novice with Raquel Williams
Ian O'Gorman- 3rd place GOLD w/honors intermediate with Raquel Williams
Chuck Williams- 5th place GOLD intermediate with Raquel Williams

Jack & Jill West Coast Swing
Teresa Smith- 1st place Newcomer
Linda Nielsen- 9th place Newcomer
Ian O'Gorman- 6th place Novice
Chuck Williams- 9th place Intermediate
Raquel Williams- 2nd place Advanced